The epic tale of Lord Ram has been passed down from generation to generation, teaching us vital lessons about how to live our lives. From the hard lessons taught through Sita's exile and Ram's unwavering devotion to his reformative justice and his strength in the face of adversity, we can all take something away from the story.

But how do these teachings help us reach enlightenment? Well, enlightenment is a state of mind where we can reach a higher level of understanding and awareness, allowing us to be more content and at peace. In this regard, many of Lord Ram's teachings can guide us on the journey toward enlightenment.

One key teaching that Lord Ram often displayed was selfless service. He was always ready to serve others before himself, no matter what the situation or circumstance. This is a great reminder for us that when we put others first and are willing to sacrifice for them, it not only brings happiness and peace but also helps pave the way for greater understanding and compassion - two fundamental aspects in achieving enlightenment.

Another important lesson is patience and perseverance - both traits Lord Ram exhibited during difficult times in his life. He kept going no matter how difficult things became - evidence that with patience and perseverance, one can achieve anything they set their mind to, even if it takes some time. Learning this lesson can be very helpful in achieving enlightenment as it teaches us not to give up even when faced with adversity but instead persevere until we eventually find happiness within ourselves.

Finally, Lord Ram taught us how important it is to have faith in ourselves and our abilities. As he set off on his quest for self-discovery, he continuously showed faith in his own decisions even when everything seemed out of reach - an attitude that is essential on the path towards enlightenment as without faith it’s impossible to truly connect with your inner being, or accept yourself as you are meant to be.