06 Days Do Dham Yatra Kedarnath, Badrinath Ex Haridwar


5 Nights / 6 Days

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Pilgrimage Tours


Chardham Yatra


The Do Dham Yatra Kedarnath Badrinath is a pilgrimage to the two important Hindu shrines in Uttarakhand, India - Kedarnath and Badrinath. The journey typically starts from Haridwar, which is a major pilgrimage site in itself.

From Haridwar, the journey involves travelling by road to the town of Guptkashi, which serves as a base for visiting Kedarnath. The trek to Kedarnath involves a 14-km uphill walk, or one can hire a horse or a palanquin to reach the temple. The Kedarnath temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is situated at an altitude of 3,583 meters in the Himalayan range.

After visiting Kedarnath, the yatra proceeds towards the town of Joshimath, which is the base for visiting Badrinath. Badrinath is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and is one of the four major Char Dham pilgrimage sites in India. The temple is located at an altitude of 3,133 meters and is believed to have been established by Adi Shankaracharya in the 8th century.

The journey from Kedarnath to Badrinath involves travelling through scenic routes and crossing the holy river Alaknanda. After visiting Badrinath, the yatra concludes back in Haridwar.

The entire Do Dham Yatra Kedar Badri pilgrimage is steeped in religious significance and attracts thousands of devotees every year. The duration of the pilgrimage and the specific itinerary can vary depending on the mode of transportation, accommodation, and other factors.


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Include & Exclude


Neat, clean, hygienic accommodation on Selected Sharing as per preferences & group size.
Includes breakfast & dinner.
Kedarnath stay in dormitory.
Inclusive of transport services (Ex Haridwar).
All point-to-point sight-seeing as per given program possible in time frame.
Transportation from Haridwar or Delhi as per program (for the designated meeting point).
All toll tax, parking and driver allowances are included.
5% Govt. Service Tax (GST).
Any International or Domestic Air or Rail Tickets.
Helicopter Tickets to Kedarnath Ji.
Rest other Meals, Table drinks, laundry, porter, pony/Palaki, tips, camera fee, ropeway charges, entrance charges, travel / personal life, accident or health insurance, personal expenses of the clients or any other expenses incurred due to bad weather, road closure, landslides etc. and anything not specified in cost included.


Day 01:
Haridwar – Guptkashi-Phata -Sitapur (200 Kms/07 hrs). O/N Stay in Guptkashi/Sitapur:
The package inclusions start from Haridwar or Dehradun. We normally assume that you have pre-booked arrangements for night stay in Haridwar. However, if you want us to arrange your accommodation then you can make a request to our coordinator for arrangements. You can also enjoy an early morning bathing in Ganga before departure from Haridwar. Leave early in the morning after breakfast for an almost day-long drive to Sitapur via Guptkashi. Overnight stay in the hotel at Sitapur Or Guptkashi. Sometimes it takes more than 10 hrs if some traffic congestion is there. On reaching Sitapur Or Rampur Or Guptkashi we will take rest. Night stay in hotel.  Possible Sightseeing: Devprayag  Distance Covered: 200 Kms / 07 Hrs  Meals: Dinner Only  Stay: Guptkashi / Sitapur

Day 02:
Sitapur/Phata/Sirsi – Kedarnath –Phata/Sersi/Sitapur – Fly or Trek - O/N Stay in Sitapur Or Kedarnath (21Kms Trek):
Here is the day when you are preparing for the Dodham Yatra’s most rewarding but toughest part “The Darshan of Shri Kedarnath Ji”. Here many pilgrims have their own choices and preferences as per their physical ability and comfort. We have designed the program for both of the pilgrims who prefer to trek or want to complete the journey by helicopter. Note: Now the trekking distance to Kedarnath Ji has been increased by 05 Kms and visitors are recommended to make night stay in case of trekking. We would advise those who are not physically strong to not cover this trek on foot, they should hire some assistance like Pony or Pithus to complete the Yatra without any hassle or complication. Note: The road from Rudraprayag to Guptkashi Or Phata is good for small Or light vehicles but onward road to Gaurikund is in bad condition. The 14 km old trek route along the river Mandakini from Gaurikund to Rambara and then to Sri Kedarnath is washed away at many places and a new trek is approx. 19 km long climbing up to 13000 ft. and then coming down to Sri Kedarnath at 11760 feet. It is not possible to travel this distance in one day, so one night stop will be required. Nowadays the Govt. has facilitated with many basic arrangements like Wifi and other health camps to serve in a better way and also allows the pilgrims to have a night stay at Sri Kedarnath. It is seen in recent years that many trekkers have made their return the same day from Gaurikund-Kedarnath-Gaurikund but they were physically fit and strong enough to cover this distance in the same day by trek. Now pilgrims are getting a new opportunity to see BHIM SHILA, a new mythological attraction. A giant stone protected Kedarnath Ji Temple during disaster time. Highly important to note & understand: We need the pilgrims to understand that Kedarnath Ji Yatra in the Chardham sector is the most important for pilgrims who are visiting anytime during summers or winters. The Kedarnath region is unpredictable in terms of weather turbulence in trek or flying or even technical snag or operation restraints in flying also becomes sometimes a major reason for delay in completing Journey of Kedarnath Ji. There are also unforeseen reasons which can further disturb your schedule if you are fixed with your pre- reserved program. We should always choose or opt for a buffer day in hand to stay in this region (03 Nights in Sitapur Or Rampur Or Phata Or Guptkashi Including a night in Kedarnathji in case or optional). Please don’t set any hectic program or itinerary suggested by any agent which is recommending only 02 nights in Sitapur or Kedarnath Ji Sector. Being an experienced one in Chardham Yatra service provider, we can recommend you these important options to choose with your program and accordingly you can convince your co-passengers or associates. Rituals & Activities: Visit GauriKund, Darshan of Kedarnath Ji Temple, BhimShila and Chance to meet Gurus and Sadhus meditating for a long time in Kedarnath.  Possible Sightseeing: Kedarnath  Distance Covered: 21 Kms Trek / 08-09 Hrs  Meals: Breakfast & Dinner  Stay: Kedarnath

Day 03:
Trekking down to Sitapur Or Guptkashi from Kedarnath Via Gaurikund & SonPrayag. Night Stay in Sitapur Or Guptkashi. (21 Kms Trek)
Trek down from Kedarnath to Gaurikund & Sonprayag and transfer to Sitapur Or Guptkashi. On this day we will stay in Sitapur to keep a buffer time in hand to handle any last moment delay because of bad weather or any technical or medical reason. This is the best way to arrange an itinerary or program for both trekkers and flyers to Shri Kedarnath Ji. In lack of geographical knowledge and climate conditions of this divine land, some passengers, travel agents or tour operators keeps neck to neck program for 02 nights in Kedarnath Ji region and this always creates problems and they ends up disturbing their program further. You should cover the sight-seeing or Darshan of Shri Triyugi Narayan Temple (Optional and Chargeable Extra) for maximum use of this day if we stay in Sitapur. Optional Stay in Chopta Or Ukhimath can be recommended in case we descend timely from Kedarnath Ji. But it’s always recommended to stay at the base station of Shri Kedarnath Ji on this night for maximum benefits and comfort.  Possible Sightseeing: Shri Triyugi Narayan Temple (Optional and Chargeable Extra)  Distance Covered: 21 Kms Trek / 06-07 Hrs  Meals: Breakfast & Dinner  Stay: Guptkashi / Sitapur

Day 04:
Sitapur/Guptkashi - Transfer to Govindghat / Pipalkoti Or Badrinath for Night Stay. (196 kms/ 07 Hrs):
After a cozy and comfortable stay, wake up and enjoy breakfast. We will then proceed to Govindghat Via Ukhimath -Chopta-Pipalkoti-Joshimath-Govindghat. The road from Guptkashi to Chopta and then to Pipalkoti is good for small vehicles, the road from Pipalkoti and then to Joshimath is better. We will reach Govindghat in the evening and stay will be in Govindghat. Why we prefer to stay in Govindghat/Pipalkoti? The journey from Sitapur to Govindghat is long distance and a bit hectic. It’s always been observed and experienced that passengers are always reaching Badrinathji in midnight or late evening in case we book and confine their stay in Badrinath. It has always been experienced that managing the services timely in Badrinath extremely tricky. It is obviously being a tiring and rushing experience when the guests are confined to return next day to another destination from Badrinath. It has always seen that the road from Govindghat to Badrinath via Lambgarh is always disturbed. We never suggest pilgrims to cross this stage in late evening. Advantages of Keeping you Govindghat Or Pipalkoti for 02 Nights while covering to Badrinath Ji Yatra in Chardham? Advantages of Staying in Govindghat/Pipalkoti for 2 Nights during Chardham Yatra: Logistics and Time Management: • Avoiding late arrival in Badrinath: By staying in Govindghat or Pipalkoti, you ensure a more relaxed early morning journey to Badrinath, reaching before sunset. This eliminates the stress of rushing through darshan and accommodation arrangements in the dark. • Managing services efficiently: Early arrival allows ample time to settle into your Badrinath accommodation, organize temple darshan, and participate in evening aarti, all without feeling rushed or pressured. • Avoiding the hectic Sitapur-Badrinath one go journey: The long and sometimes challenging road trip from Sitapur to Badrinath can be tiring, especially in peak season. Starting from Govindghat or Pipalkoti reduces travel time and fatigue, allowing you to focus on the pilgrimage. Acclimatization and Safety: • Gradual ascent: Govindghat and Pipalkoti are situated at lower altitudes than Badrinath, allowing for gradual acclimatization to the thin mountain air. This reduces the risk of altitude sickness and improves your overall enjoyment of the yatra. • Avoiding late evening travel on the Govindghat-Badrinath road: This stretch can be prone to landslides and disruptions, especially in the evenings. By staying in Govindghat, you avoid risking late journeys on this potentially hazardous route. Spiritual and Leisure Benefits: • Exploring Govindghat/Pipalkoti: Both locations offer scenic beauty, spiritual sites, and cultural experiences. You can visit Hemkund Sahib Ji, Govindghat or explore the traditional markets of Pipalkoti & Joshimath. • Relaxing breaks: Having two nights in Govindghat/Pipalkoti allows for relaxation and rejuvenation before and after the Badrinath visit. This break can enhance your overall yatra experience and prevent exhaustion. Overall, staying in Govindghat or Pipalkoti for two nights during your Chardham Yatra offers numerous advantages in terms of logistics, safety, acclimatization, and spiritual/leisure opportunities. It allows for a more relaxed, efficient, and enjoyable pilgrimage experience. However, in an extreme choice & preferring condition of individual, we can arrange stay in Badrinath but entirely on the own risk of passengers or pilgrims.  Possible Sightseeing: Chopta  Distance Covered: 196 Kms / 07-08 Hrs  Meals: Breakfast & Dinner  Stay: Pipalkoti/Govindghat/Badrinath

Day 05:
Badrinath Full Day Trip. Sightseeing & Darshan – Vishnu Prayag (View) Pandukeshwar – Govindghat - NandPrayag (View)- Joshimath – Govindghat / Pipalkoti / Rudraprayag - (75 kms or 153 Kms /02:45 hr or 05 Hrs):
Early in the Morning, take a holy dip in Tapt Kund. Darshan of Badri Vishal again if time allows otherwise Important visit to Nag Nagin Pith (One of the important place in India for Sarpkal Dosh Nivaran),Short Visit to Mana Village (Vyas Cave , Ganesha Cave , KeshavPrayag , Darshan of SarasawatiUdgam (origin) ), CharanPadukaDarshan , Short visit of EkadasiGufa& hanuman Gufa. View of VishnuPrayag ,Nandprayag , Karnprayag while returning back to GovindGhat Badrinath: Cradled in the twin Mountain ranges of Nar and Narayan is the holiest of the four main shrines - Badrinath along the left bank of river Alaknanda with the towering Neelkantha peaks as the splendid backdrop. The spot was carpeted with 'badris' or wild berries and hence was famous as Badri van. Legend has it, when the Ganga was requested to descend to earth to help suffering humanity, the earth was unable to withstand the force of its decent. Therefore, the mighty Ganga was split into 12 holy channels. Alaknanda was one of them that later became the abode of Lord Vishnu or Badrinath. **Accommodation: ** Return to Govindghat for an overnight stay. Elevating your Badrinath Experience: A Full-Day Darshan and Exploration This excursion isn't just a quick visit, it's an immersive experience into the heart of Badrinath, encompassing darshan, sightseeing, and cultural encounters. By dedicating a full day, you unlock unique advantages that enrich your pilgrimage in profound ways. Deeper Darshan: • Early Morning Serenity: Embrace the quietude of dawn with a holy dip in Tapt Kund, followed by serene darshan at the Badrinath temple. This tranquil atmosphere allows for deeper connection and reflection. • Unhurried Exploration: Avoid the rush of a tight schedule. With ample time, you can linger at each sacred site, absorbing the spiritual essence without feeling pressured. • Evening Aarti Bliss: Witness the captivating evening aarti ceremony, bathed in the soft glow of twilight. This mesmerizing experience culminates your darshan with a sense of completeness and divine blessing. Beyond the Temple: • A Journey Through History: Immerse yourself in the historical tapestry of Badrinath. Delve into the legends of NaradKund, BrahamaKapal, and Sheshnetra, each echoing with ancient tales and mythological significance. • Spiritual Gems: Discover hidden gems like CharanPadukaDarshan, EkadasiGufa, and Hanuman Gufa, each adding a unique dimension to your spiritual journey. • Cultural Tapestry: Visit Mana Village, the last Indian village before Tibet, and witness their unique customs and traditions. Interact with the locals, shop for handcrafted souvenirs, and experience a slice of their vibrant culture. Advantages of a Full Day: • Acclimatization: A full day allows for gradual acclimatization to the higher altitude, reducing the risk of altitude sickness and maximizing your comfort. • Flexibility: You can customize your itinerary based on your interests and priorities, spending more time at specific sites that resonate with you. • Memories that Last: With a more relaxed pace, you can truly absorb the sights, sounds, and spiritual essence of Badrinath, creating lasting memories for years to come. This full-day excursion transcends a mere sightseeing trip. It's an opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the magic of Badrinath, connecting with its spirituality, history, and culture. So, embrace the slower pace, breathe in the divine air, and let Badrinath unfold its wonders at your own rhythm. With a full day in Badrinath, you can truly unlock the depths of this sacred pilgrimage and return home with a heart full of blessings and memories that will stay with you forever.  Possible Sightseeing: Badrinath, Mana Village, Narsingh Temple  Distance Covered: 75 kms or 153 Kms /02:45 hr or 05 Hrs  Meals: Breakfast & Dinner  Stay: Govindghat/Pipalkoti/Rudraprayag

Day 06:
Pipalkoti – Karna Prayag (View)- Rudraprayag –Devprayag – Rishikesh/ Haridwar (240 Kmts / 159 kmts):
In the morning after breakfast, we will proceed to Rishikesh. On the way, we will witness the 05th and last Prayag -Dev Prayag on this route. Arrive in Rishikesh. Here you will visit Laxman Jhula and Ram Jhula on your own, as this is not motorable. The vehicle will wait for you in the parking. The best way to visit this part of Rishikesh is to enter Laxman Jhula and exit from Ram Jhula. You can also see many Ghats and temples and beautiful Ashrams. Rishikesh is the next home of Sadhus & Saints. It is also called the Capital land of Yoga. You need to keep watch on time if you have missed your Ganga Aarti on day 01 upon arrival to Haridwar. So, it is in your hand how fast you finish your sightseeing and reach Har-Ki-Pouri, Haridwar, for Ganga Aarti. It generally starts at 06:00 PM in summer and 5:15 PM in winter. Those who have enjoyed day 01 can have the opportunity to enjoy some more time in Rishikesh. This is your last day and evening so must have to arrange your bags and pack. In the evening, you can enjoy shopping in Rishikesh. Departure to Dehradun Airport or Haridwar Railway Station. Time to wish you all the best for your glorious and spiritual life ahead. May God Bless You all with spiritual advancement of great peace and super health.  Possible Sightseeing: Panch Prayag, Ram Jhula, Evening Aarti at Parmarth Niketan  Distance Covered: 240 kms or 159 Kms / 07-08 Hrs  Meals: Breakfast Only  Stay: NA Please note that the itinerary might be subject to change based on weather conditions, travel restrictions, or any unforeseen circumstances. TOUR END

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